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Kenya & IMO

Kenya & IMO

Kenya’s strategic geo-location along the East African coast and eminent profile among the community of nations have defined her position and role at IMO. Kenya has continued to be an active member of IMO and has to date ratified a total of 32 Conventions emanating from the Organization. Indeed, Kenya’s willingness and resolve to tackle emerging global and regional challenges relating to shipping has earned the country global respect.

Integration of Women in the Maritime Sector

In support of the IMO program for the integration of women in the maritime sector, Kenya continues to raise awareness on the importance of gender equality in the maritime and shipping sector in line with SDG 5. Kenya supports IMO’s agenda on empowering women in the maritime sector by fostering an environment that attracts women to the sector. This has seen the country, produce the 1st female International Transport Federation (ITF) Ship Inspector in Africa. The Government of Kenya has also extended the capacity building by appointment of Kenyan women to high ranking positions in the maritime sector.

The Kenyan Government has further supported regional initiatives towards this goal by hosting the Association for Women in the Maritime Sector for East and Southern Africa (WOMESA) which covers a region of twenty-five countries in the East and Southern African Region. WOMESA’s secretariat is hosted at the Kenya Maritime Authority offices in Mombasa.