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Kenya Re-election

Kenya Re-election

Kenya’s re-election to the IMO Council

Kenya desires to continue serving the international maritime community in the Council under Category ‘C’ and seeks the support of Member States at the elections to be held during the 31st Regular Session of the IMO General Assembly in London between 25th November and 5th December 2019. The Country is committed towards support of IMO’s initiatives. Kenya’s re-election to the IMO Council will therefore be of benefit not only for the region, but also for the wider international maritime community.

Kenya also re-affirms her focus on strengthening her relationship with the IMO and its Member States and firmly believes that her re-election to the Council under Category ‘C’ will serve the interests of the Eastern and Central Africa sub-region, Horn of Africa and West Indian Ocean and the international maritime community in general.

Kenya thanks all Member States which voted for her in 2017. The Republic of Kenya is grateful to have served in the Council in the past Biennium and for having been given the opportunity to actively participate in a wide range of IMO issues.

Kenya reaffirms her commitment to remain focused in ensuring that the Region and the international maritime community’s interests continue to be upheld.